Internet Safety

The internet is a great resource for finding out about almost anything you could think of but, it is important that children are aware of the dangers they might face online, just as they are of those when they are out and about.


Below are a few tips on how to protect you and your family on the internet.


  • When they are using the computer put it in a place where you can see the screen.
  • Supervise your children when they are online, especially if they are young.
  • Ask your internet provider about parental controls which are available to help manage your child’s internet access.
  • Talk to your child/children about what they are using the internet for.
  • Teach them not to give out personal information such as their name, address, phone number, school name, photo or places they like to go out to.
  • Teach them to be careful about strangers they meet on the internet. They should be treated in the same way as strangers they meet when they are out.
  • Remind them that people they meet online may not be who they say they are.
  • Never let your child meet someone they have met on the internet unless you are with them.
  • Encourage your child/children to tell you if something happens online that they do not like. Let them know that you will listen to them.




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